Monday, November 29, 2010


Hiking up on property in Green Valley one can look south and locate the second morro in a string of seven, Morro Rock, with the Bay and Los Osos beyond.
My gallery mates pushed me to have a show and get with it, so I did, and I thank you all for the push. Left on my own, I'd still be on the lounge contemplating how blue blue blue the California sky really is. jb 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Can You Believe I'm Still Here?

Hey Old Friends,
It has been just about a year since last posted! For those of you who wrote and called, thank you so much for keeping up with me. For those friends who thought I dropped off the face of the earth... I did..sort of. I'm just now climbing up out of the hell hole known to me as Valley Fever; hospitalized for two months and recovering 1 year ever since. It wasn't pretty and there are missing brain cells so if I owe anyone anything, commission, etc. Please do call or write. It's entirely possible I've overlooked work for you.
This is the first work I've painted since 2009 and it's a do-over at that. I'm back working in the studio now. Thanks for all your encouragements, everyone. jb