Saturday, May 31, 2008

Storm Coming

I walk every day, everywhere and anywhere. There are a thousand different views I want to take in. I need more work on this painting...can I find this same spot again?jb

All at Sea

Living near the sea means fog. The fog plays intimately with the sun leaving behind a sob of light.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Lemons & Limes

I worked on this piece the last day of my workshop with Carol Marine. I wonder if my fellow student buddies are struggling as much as I am with the loose part of loosen up. jb

Spotted Pear

This is a piece I started in my workshop and just finished up. I'm slipping back to my old blend-&-shade, dry-brush style of painting.
Oil is a new medium for me. I'm finding it quite tricky. jb

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Pink Moment

I am working on drawings and paintings for a children's book. My medium is acrylic on watercolor paper...hundreds and hundreds of brush strokes. I think I paint the atmospheric conditions more so than the landscape.
I'll keep working on these landscapes for the 2008 Open Studio Tour in October.

Precisely Loose

This was completed the fourth day of the workshop. The goal was to paint "precisely loose."
It's a lot harder than I thought.

On the Dunes

Well, I truly have been painting every day since I returned from Carol Marine's workshop in Santa Fe...I've just been painting the same three paintings; getting it, losing it, getting it again, losing it again. I took a walk and painted the dunes at twilight. jb

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Brush Strokes

This painting has called to me lately, The Jas de Bouffan, by Paul Cezanne; had me thinking about brush strokes. These strokes led me to a Daily Painter, Carol Marine, whose seminar I just completed. Her brush strokes, indeed, urged me forward and I've set about laying down my own brush strokes. You could call me a second-generation daily painter. JB