Sunday, December 21, 2008


Two different artists have tagged me in recent weeks and I haven't had time to respond until I'll take a stab at it over the next few days. I'm in Texas with my best boy, Jay, and that is priority for me. But in essence, if you are tagged, tell seven things interesting, preferably unknown about yourself and tag seven people you think deserve recognition.

1. I am pretty much a loner and can exist for long periods without leaving the grounds or studios. I can survive on netflix, cream of wheat, organic veg. broth, chocolate, some fruit, no phone, no visitors, music.
2. Fortunately for me my husband is a musician -keyboards, piano, jazz, funk, soul, any kind of rock ,every genre -so there is always a good soundtrack behind everything at my house.
3. We have a family conference every night in the livingroom, always at the same time with our animals....they insist. Everyone gets a loving and a kissing, and fluffing and petting and the dogs compete to see who can pick up more dog toys in their mouth.
4. Silly Girl is a terrier/australian shepherd; Puppy is a border collie/australian shepherd; Mother's Baby is a main coon with six toes and a puff ball tail; Sweetie-sweet-sweet is a black and tortise maincoon/mix. I saved all of them from the "end" at the pound.
5. I honestly get along best with babies, small children, dogs and cats. The first thing I ever teach new babies of any race or breed is to give a kiss, always gotta get the puppy kisses. On babies, neck meat and chubby cheeks are the best, then toes.
6. I am married to a guy from highschool who would never go with me anywhere I tried to get him to go. I grew up on the south shore of Long Island in the 50's and 60's and was a wild surf girl with a volkswagen and a long board and he always had to rake the lawn or practice piano. We married in our livingroom 35 years later.
7. I have always lived in very old spaces with ghosts who have made themselves known to me. I always took the message very seriously and stepped back from the brink of despaireach time. jb

Now for the tagging part....have to work on that a bit...stay tuned.jb

Monday, December 15, 2008


I have been painting, working, healing, working, painting. Blogging went by the wayside. I'm leaving for Texas tomorrow until after the new year. I shipped my paints so I can at least keep up with Karin Jurick's Different Strokes blog challenge. This close up of one of her boots was this week's challenge. I gave my self four hours over two days and still I over-painted. There are, again, at least three great paintings under this final. I love the colors though.

Special thanks to those folks who have tagged me in the last few weeks. This is indeed a special honor and I hope to carry on the game as soon as I get to Texas. I have to get three to four weeks of legal work out before I can ever take off. So I couldn't get a blog entry in even though I'm working on six small paintings.
Take care, my friends, and enjoy this winter solstice season. jb